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KRANKcycle, 2008
Matrix Fitness Systems
I.D. Annual Design Review 2010: Honorable Mention, Taiwan Excellence 2010

When the creator of Spinning, Johnny G, was inspired to create a new class of group exercise equipment he partnered with Matrix Fitness Systems. After initial development was completed by a consultancy I was part of the team tasked with bringing the KrankCycle to market. The first thing we did was put the prototype in the hands of the user to find out how it worked in the real world.

Johnny was originally inspired by disabled athletes and making the product work for everyone was a primary goal of the project. We did multiple rounds of research with the wheelchair basketball team at a local university to find out what worked and what didn't. In the end the form changed drastically but the modifications made for users in wheelchairs created a more streamlined product and a better experience for all users.