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T7xe Treadmill, 2007-2008
Matrix Fitness Systems
IDEA 2009: Bronze, Taiwan Excellence 2009: Silver

The T7xe commercial treadmill embodies true cooperation between industrial design, product management and engineering. It was conceived to create an engaging experience for the user, while making ownership easier and maintenance simpler.

At its founding, Matrix Fitness focused on industrial design and established itself as a leader within the fitness industry. As other manufacturers updated their products to compete on style, Matrix wanted to reassert itself as the design leader.

Uncluttered and sporty lines derived from automotive styling re-energized Matrix's aesthetic language. The design of the T7xe combined approachable, ergonomic forms with fluid lines that speak to aspirational refinement —moving Matrix firmly into the industry spotlight.

The T7xe features a 15" touch screen interface, iPod and Nike+ functionality, and a heightened sensitivity to user ergonomics. The design provides easy access to drive components and simplifies common maintenance tasks.