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Ascent Trainer, 2009-2010
Matrix Fitness Systems
IDEA 2012: Finalist, Taiwan Excellence 2012

The redesign of the Matrix Ascent trainer required some ground-up rethinking. The original model was succesful in market but the product architecture was problematic. To acheive its industry-leading variable motion path the Ascent featured two motors powering two completely separate mechanisms. This was expensive and caused performance issues.

I helped to define a new way of acheiving the Ascent's motion path which requires only one motor and a vastly simplified single mechanism.

Beyond this, we had further goals of adding even more new features, like a self-powerd drive system to make insallation more flexible and operation more economical. To afford these changes the team had to meet strict requirements of manufacturing and shipping optimizations.

To remove shipping cost we maintained aggressive box-size constraints. Together with the engineering team, we created a plan for disassembly.

We then worked together to identify the best way to ensure that this multi-part assembly could be flawlessly executed both on the production line and at final install in the club. Our answer was to plan for and embrace overlapping parts as a core element of the design. This way we avoided problems created by subtle shifts in weldments occuring at the factory.